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Hello guys, If you’re new to this CPA Marketing industry, you must have to read my previous article before reading this one. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of questions, instead of answers.

CLICK HERE to read my previous article.

When it comes to CPA Marketing, templates and landing pages are the two most critical aspects. Your conversions depend on how effective your landing page is. And your Earnings depend on your conversions. What if you can increase your conversions. That is where Hight Quality CPA Landing pages come in.

Today I’m gonna reveal to you how you can get access to 60+ Hight Converting CPA landing pages and templates including,

  • Sweepstake lading pages.
  • Gaming content locker templates.
  • Giveaway templates.

First of all, you have to register in a CPA network. My recommendation is CPAGRIP. Because it’s so easy to set up custom templates and landing pages with them. CPAGRIP has thousands of offers that pay almost $18.00 just for Email and zip submits. There are other networks such as CPABUILD, CPALEAD, ADWORK MEDIA, etc…





Next, You have to download these landing pages. Here’s how you gonna do it. CLICK HERE and go to this Fiverr gig. There are 60+ CPA templates in that gig. You can get them all for $10. Here is a simple preview of that landing pages.

CLICK HERE to get 60+ CPA landing pages and templates. ($10)

After you receive those landing pages, You must have to place your CPA content locker URL in that Index.HTML files. If you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will be able to do it on your own. But, if you don’t know anything about that programming stuff, you can hire someone who has the knowledge to do that just for $5.00.

After you edit your landing page, you have to host them on a public server. There are mainly two ways to host your CPA landing pages,

If you have money to invest, I recommend you to go with the Blue Host hosting service. It only costs you somewhere around $2.95 per month. Also, Github is a great option, If you don’t wanna spend your money. You can use Github to host your CPA landing pages and Templates for FREE. If you don’t know how to do it, watch this video…

Ok, now we’re almost done. Finally, you have to drive traffic to your landing pages.

We can divide web traffic into two main branches.

  • Paid Traffic
  • FREE traffic

Paid traffic means you have to spend your money on the visitors you get. It’s a little bit complicated and a little bit trickier to make a profit in CPA marketing. Most of the newbies getting fucked up trying to do it without learning about it. If you like to learn here are some resources you can use.

There are so many websites that you can use to get FREE traffic.

  • Facebook
  • Google [seo]
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit and etc…

You can try posting your locker URLs on these websites. Read this article if you like to know more about FREE Traffic.

[How To Make $1000 Per Day With CPA Marketing And Youtube FREE TRAFFIC — CPA Content locking With Underground Youtube Traffic Secrets!]

If you still reading this, that means you really want to make money with CPA marketing. So, I have some gifts for you.

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